An independant company with its own Manufacture, Cyrus is master of its own destiny and benefits from this strong autonomy that enables it to pursue a path focused on innovation and originality. Above all, Cyrus seeks to position itself as an exclusive, unique brand in the forefront of technology and endowed with a strong identity.

The company is committed to demonstrating that Haute Horlogerie can be both original and different without compromising in any way on quality and respect for tradition.



Babylon was a city-state with a unique architecture and gathering all the technical and intellectual know-how of its time

The Klepcys collection products bear this special message intended dor the owner, imprinted around the coin. The case back of every Klepcys and Kuros collection watch contains an identical copy of a more than 2,500-year-old coin, fashioned during the reign of Cyrus. Today, the original is owned by the founders of Cyrus in Switzerland. The coin is a remnant of the first currency in the world and is of great historic value.

All Klepcys watches bear the imprint of this very coin containing the images of a lion and a bull, the indisputable symbols of authority during the reign of Cyrus the Great. A magnificent city is thus embodied in an outstanding watch. May the message engraved on the back of the watch immortalize this experience: "Proudly made for demanding people".



A perfect balance between tradition and innovation

After three years of intense work and collaboration with one of Switzerland's greatest watchmakers, Jean-François Mojon, Cyrus is delighted to present its news creations.

Our key objective is to be a dynamic, modern company with a conquering spirit and the courage to take the risks required when looking to the future. With this in mind, Cyrus successfully produces ergonomic timepieces of extraordinary comfort, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. These models reflect our philosophy of the exceptional from every point of view - a philosophy that enables us to share our love and passion for Haute Horlogerie. Our timepieces present unique characteristics on both technical and mechanical levels, as epitomised in the two innovative crowns that have become the new brand signature. Because above all, a timepiece is about emotions.




WorldTempus Interview


After several months of radio silence, the new CEO of the brand, Ruben Mira, talks to Worldtempus about his strategy for taking Cyrus forward.

Ruben Mira stayed under the radar at Baselworld this year. Although Cyrus was present with a stand in the Baselworld Palace, issues surrounding the restructuring of the company prevented the newly anointed CEO from speaking publicly about his new role and what to expect from the brand going forward. With the structure of the company now much clearer (for the moment at least, Ruben Mira leads the brand as a one-man show), Worldtempus quizzed the new CEO about his strategy for the brand.

WorldTempus: Firstly, can you clarify the situation at Cyrus?
Ruben Mira:  Cyrus remains an independent company. I don’t like to use the term manufacture in the horological sense and prefer to talk about our in-house movement, which is developed and produced by Chronode – an independent company that works for other watch brands but with which we have a privileged relationship.

“I want to keep the design of the Klepcys model for all future watches.”

What are your plans for the brand in the short term?
I think we need to clarify the identity of the brand with our retailers and customers. Prices have increased too much and this is what makes the difference. A watch has its fair value and as soon as a customer stops to think about the price and wonders whether it is too high or too low, then you have a problem. Customers used to care more about the brand name but since 2008 they are more focused on price. I think our identity is good but even if we focus on innovation, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have continuously to change the design of the product. Aside from worrying our retailers, this also increases production costs. I therefore want to keep the design of the Klepcys model for all future watches, making it available in different dimensions.

And what about your plans for product development?
My basic strategy, for watches costing up to 50,000 Swiss francs, will be based on a strong design. Above this price level, we can do innovative things, perhaps in a more horological way than before. After all, it’s difficult to justify a 100,000 Swiss franc price tag for a watch that doesn’t have a tourbillon. Our product strategy is clear for the next 3-4 years, with a new chronograph and alarm watch planned for next year, to be followed by a double tourbillon skeleton and then a smaller version of the Klepcys.

How will you market the brand?
I’m not too keen on associating with personalities because I want to keep the identity neutral. When people see a particular person associated with a watch in an advertisement, they automatically tend to think that the watch isn’t too expensive. I want to avoid this pitfall. We also need to find the right balance between exclusivity and building for the long term.
I think the notion of exclusivity has lost some of its charm in the luxury industry. Is a five-star hotel still exclusive? Is a business class flight or a luxury car still exclusive when more and more people can afford them? I think that this is why there has been such an explosion in vintage watch and vintage car values, because they offer genuine exclusivity.